Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

In the absence of any specially agreed conditions, confirmed in writing, the following standard Terms & Conditions of Transformed Driveways (central) Ltd shall apply to all schemes and contracts undertaken by the company. Any disputes within the United Kingdom will be governed by the law of England and Wales.

1. All quotations are given on the basis of a 30-day acceptance period after which time the quotation may be subject to change.

2. Quoted rates are subject to VAT, at the prevalent rate, unless the quotation clearly states that prices are inclusive of VAT.

3. Quotations are given on the basis of free access to the relevant site through pre-arranged agreement.

4. If required, and upon mutual arrangement, the customer agrees to accept site delivery of the specialist stone and resins, required for the scheme, prior to the commencement of the works.

5. Whilst every effort will be made to confirm the suitability of the surface to be treated, Transformed Driveways (central) Ltd cannot be held responsible for the on-going structural or matrix condition of existing surfaces, or new surfaces laid by others, onto which its resin bonded coating is applied. Additionally, Transformed Driveways (central) Ltd cannot be held responsible for any possible sub-surface deformation on existing surfaces, subsequently overlaid with its resin bonded coating, due to the reaction of historic diesel and oil spillages under extremely hot temperatures.

6. The specialist resin bonded surface laid by Transformed Driveways (central) Ltd will follow the profile of the underlying surface and it is the customer’s responsibility to inform Transformed Driveways (central) Ltd of any existing and unwanted pooling prior to the application of the specialist resin coating. Whilst every effort will be taken to remove any reported pooling, Transformed Driveways (central) Ltd accept no responsibility for standing water or other drainage issues on existing surfaces or new surfaces laid by others.

7. With regard to schemes where new construction or design changes are required, and whilst Transformed Driveways L(central) td will endeavour to accurately estimate areas of work within its formal quotation, the scheme may be subject to a final measure with unit rates adjusted accordingly in order to properly represent the completed scope of works.

8. All specialist materials remain the property of Transformed Driveways (central) Ltd until payment for the quoted scheme is paid in full. Transformed Driveways (central) Ltd retains the right to access the site and to remove or reclaim these laid materials from site in the event that full payment for the completed scheme is not received.

9. In the absence of prior agreement, formalised in writing, payment for completed works will be due immediately upon completion of the quoted scheme and, in any event, no longer than 7 days following the same. In situations where Transformed Driveways (central) Ltd need to install a scheme in two stages, where new surfacing works are required to fully cure thus resulting in a delay of more than 2 weeks, the customer agrees to pay an interim invoice of 50% of the formal quotation within 7 days from date of interim invoice.

Transformed Driveways (central) Ltd guarantees all materials and workmanship of its specialist resin bonded surface for a period of 5 years following installation provided that payment for the relevant project has been paid in full.

The above guarantee does not cover sub-surface issues unless the underlying substrate was constructed and installed by Transformed Driveways (central) Ltd or other situations affecting the resin bonded surface that are outside the reasonable control of Transformed Driveways (central) Ltd.

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