Driveway Cleaning

Making first impressions count

Whilst a completed resin bonded stone driveway will deliver beauty, functionality and performance for decades to come, it is not exempt from the everyday occurrence of dirt and grime from our atmosphere or leaf mould and detritus from the surrounding area.

Gardens deprived of sunlight can even attract moss and lichen which, whilst only sitting on top of the impermeable stone surface, can be unsightly or in some cases slippery. Even oil and fuel stains from parked vehicles, whilst again not affecting the proprietary surface, can look unsightly and mar the overall aesthetics of the property and landscaping.

Using environmentally friendly cleaning agents and self contained pressure washing equipment, Transformed Driveways can maintain your resin bonded stone asset in prestige condition and retain the beauty of the natural stone surface. Recommended on an annual basis, Transformed Driveways are happy to provide a calendar service where their customers will be notified and a date agreed for this yearly cleaning operation.

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