Resin Bonded Stone Surfacing vs Concrete

Resin Bonded Stone Surfacing vs Concrete

Whilst a good quality concrete surface will give many years of functional life, its aesthetics are not great and can often let down the ‘kerb-side’ appeal of a house or property.

Although a concrete surface delivers excellent load bearing properties, it has little resistance to freeze/thaw conditions and will suffer dramatically from the application of de-icing salts where surface spalling will inevitably lead on to more serious defects.

Being porous, concrete driveways are also susceptible to oil and diesel staining and it is extremely difficult to address this staining without using aggressive cleaning liquids that, inadvertently, cause additional damage to the concrete material itself.

Generally laid to a smooth finish on driveways, concrete surfaces can become extremely slippery in icy conditions where they demonstrate very poor anti-slip/skid properties.


  • Industrial looking appearance
  • Susceptible to surface spalling
  • No resistance to staining
  • Can be extremely slippery
  • Typical cost of £24.00 m2

Resin Bonded Stone

  • Stunning natural stone aesthetics
  • Hugely resistant to climatic conditions
  • Stain resistant
  • Excellent ant-slip/skid properties
  • Costs £28.00 to £36.00 m2

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