Resin Bonded Stone Surfacing vs Loose Gravel

Resin Bonded Stone Surfacing vs Loose Gravel

As probably the cheapest form of driveway paving, loose gravel is favoured by many developers who are looking to preserve project costs and typifies the age-old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’.

Generally fine until you walk or drive on it, which somewhat defeats its objectives, the loose gravel is normally laid onto a compacted stone sub-base although quite often the aggregate is laid directly onto soft landscaping.

With an extremely limited life-span, where additional stone appears to be eaten up by the sub-base, loose gravel represents poor on-going value and is eminently susceptible to potholing and weed growth.

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  • Very short term aesthetics
  • Constant displacement
  • Ongoing replacement costs
  • Very prone to weed growth
  • Typical cost of £10.00 m2

Resin Bonded Stone Driveway

  • Long term natural stone beauty
  • No loose gravel or displacement
  • No ongoing maintenance costs
  • No weeds
  • Costs £28.00 to £36.00 m2

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