Resin Bonded Gravel Vs. Loose Gravel

For many developers in the UK and around the world, loose gravel has proven to be the most popular form of driveway paving. It’s the most cost effective and the easiest to install. As its name implies, loose gravel driveway paving mainly consists of gravel laid out over a compacted stone sub-base or even over soft landscaping. It usually looks fine, and it is a great way for developers and property owners to keep construction costs to a minimum.

Unfortunately, the problems with a loose gravel driveway are apparent to anybody who walks or drives across one. Gravel is frequently displaced, and the driveways are prone to potholes and weed growth. In short, loose gravel driveways have short lifespans and will only come to represent poor ongoing value of a property.

For property owners who are looking for driveway paving that is built to last, resin bonded gravel is a much better option than loose gravel. Resin driveways are made from the same gravel aggregate that usually makes up loose gravel driveways, with the main difference being that the aggregate is held fast to new or existing hard standings with powerful epoxy binders. Resin driveways are made from the same anti-skid technology commonly used on major roadways throughout the UK, roadways that withstand the stress of being driven on by up to 30,000 vehicles every day.

Resin bonded gravel driveways have several advantages over those paved in loose gravel. First of all, resin driveways are more aesthetically attractive than loose gravel, especially over long periods of time. While loose gravel is frequently displaced and prone to potholes and weed growth, resin gravel is far more durable and will maintain its natural stone beauty for years to come. It is also impervious to weed growth, which will cut down on potholes and other damage common to roads and driveways.

The second thing that should be considered is the cost of the driveways. While loose gravel is initially much less expensive, the fact that it is prone to damage will require costly repairs and maintenance. With resin gravel, you won’t have to worry about making these repairs as your driveway will be much more durable. This will save you money in the long run.

Perhaps one of the best parts about resin gravel is that it can be used to transform existing driveways, even those that currently have loose gravel pavement. Whether you desire a new resin bonded gravel driveway or you would like to transform an existing driveway, those that are installed by Transformed Driveways will be among your best options for their durability and natural stone beauty. Call or email the experts at Transformed Driveways today to arrange a free quotation.

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